Urban Transitions
Whether physical or digital, interactions do not happen in a vacuum, they are contextualized in space and place — our environments shape our interactions and perceptions.
Project Overview
Urban Transitions is a collaborative project that explores the relationship between people and their environments. In collaboration with local residents in Deptford, southeast London, it explores the urban landscapes in which they live, work, study and play. Through a process of co-creation and participatory design — it draws on local sites in Deptford as a starting point for creative exploration. The project is led by Nazia Parvez with the A-Maze Arts Collective. 
We are pleased to be collaborating with the art faculty at Deptford Green School and a cohort of aspiring young students. The project uses generative AI tools for image and video production. 
This is currently a work in progress. Final images will be exhibited at the APT Gallery in October 2023. Please visit our project page on Instagram and share your feedback! 

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