Time-Light Map
Time-Light Map was a one year project exploring the nature of memory.
It consists of a physical model made up of seven layers, each representing a different element:   
air * ground * fire * gravity * duality * water * entropy
Each completed layer was photographed — and then incorporated into the construction of subsequent layers. The images are, therefore, the surviving representations of the model at each stage of its development (except the final one).
Made of clear acrylic and white card, the model is almost entirely transparent. The colors depicted in the images were generated from the reflection and refraction of natural light. They were transitory and dependent on the quality of light, the weather, the time of day and the season when they were photographed.
The images represent fragments of time — memories.
On Memory
when does being end and memory begin?
what is the shape of a memory? how is it coloured?
is it clear and bright, or veiled in shadow?
does it have depth, or lack perspective?
does it consume you with its scale, or can you reduce it to a simple composition?
at what point in time and space is it located? 

does it depict reality, or is it a play of vanishing perceptions? 

do you remember the time of day 
how the light fell 
at that point in time, only that point
and no other … 
the original model would no longer exist in material form 
only its memory remained, as fragments recorded in images ... 

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